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''I went to Nicole very distraught and looking for help in Play Therapy, (which I knew nothing about, other than through research). After speaking with Nicole I was put to ease immediately, and thrilled to begin the journey. Nicole is thoughtful, kind, compassionate, and truly invests 150% of herself in not only the child of focus, but the whole family. She taught my daughter to speak freely and openly through her play, which lead to more positive actions in her life. In addition, she was there for me every week with information, comfort, and encouragement. We recently finished with Nicole and still talk about how much we enjoyed our time with her and how we would like some more play time. I continue to feel comforted by the fact that at any point in my daughters future, if I needed to speak with Nicole, she would always be there to help. Introducing my daughter to Nicole, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.'' -Client's parent

''Our family was truely enriched by working with Nicole. She is committed to the whole family's well-being, and we would definately recommend working with her to any family.'' -Client's parent

''I found [Nicole] to be insightful, thoughtful and well received by both parents and children in the play therapy process. She is diligent and fully present in her work. She connects easily to families and helps them build on their strengths. She meets challenges with children and helps them grow and develop with confidence and strength.'' - Kathryn Clarke, LPC, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor

''When my daughter and I started seeing Nicole, I was almost in a panic over my daughter. She was having a hard time dealing with school, bullies and life in general. I thought what we had was my daughter having to learn how to deal with these things and that it would give her tools for that. What I quickly learned is that it needed to start at home. The two of us where not communicating very well. Nicole gave us the tools to deal with each other and the rest of the world. She has been a safe place for me as well as my daughter. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needed a counselor. '' - Client's parent

''Nicole is a natural with children. She is able and willing to go with her child clients to the depth of their struggles in order to help them find their way out. Nicole is a blessing to any of her child clients that get the privilege to work with her.'' - Lisa Dion, LPC, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor

''Nicole encourages children in play therapy to experience their true experiences and feelings through dramatic play, art, sensory experiences and free play. Children welcome this sense of self-esteem building and continue to grow and thrive with Nicole as their guide to self-discovery.'' - Deborah Cooper, M.A., Head Start Family Wellness Director

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