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Synergetic Play Therapy is appropriate for children aged 2-10 years old, and is extremely affective with children who may have experienced any of the following...


*Abuse (i.e. emotional, physical, sexual)

*Accidents (i.e. vehicle, falls)


*Birth trauma


*Death of a loved one (including anticipated death)

*Disease/ Illness diagnosis


*Invasive medical procedures

*Natural disasters

*Peer issues

*Relocation (i.e. moves, foster care)

*School issues

*Sensory Integration issues

*Social anxiety


I see children weekly, and speak with parents (for 15 minutes) following thier child's 45 minute session. Intensive psychotherapy may be arranged if needed.

Hourly rate: $110 for those using out-of network insurance benefits. For those paying out of pocket, $90.

For questions regarding insurance, fees, or to find out if play therapy is right for your child, please call (971) 322-5164. You may also call to schedule a FREE 60 minute initial consultation.

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