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Child Therapists Portland - What is Synergetic Play Therapy?

Because children have limited language capabilities, traditional ''talk therapy'' is ineffective for them. Children express themselves and their needs, relive their past, and connect with others through play, thus it can be said that children speak the language of play in a world that largely speaks the language of adults. Unlike adults who are able to use words to express themselves, children arguably have a more difficult time asking for help since they do so in an indirect and fantastical sort of way. This is where play therapy comes in.

Play therapy provides the opportunity for the child to come in and express himself in his fluent language (the language of play) and be witnessed and supported by someone who is fluent in both his langauge and his parents' language. In that respect, the play therapist is somewhat like a translator. In a room full of toys, the child has 45 minutes weekly, to ''communicate'' what has been bothering him emotionally. In weekly phone discussions, the therapist translates for the parent the essence of what the child is expressing without compromising the child's right to confidentiality.

Synergetic play therapy distinguishes itself from other forms of play therapy in the sense that it is child-centered. As a Synergetic play therapist, I do not arrange games for us to play or pick out the toys I think the child should use on that particular day. Instead, I trust the child to conduct the play that is necessary for his healing at that time. He may choose the toys, the games, the senario, and the timing. He may indeed choose to play with nothing. I do not push him to address what he is not yet ready to; yet I hold a space for him to move through his toughest issues when he does feel ready.

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